Monday, September 12, 2011

Pan Handling

Kevin and his bro at Knott's
Oh such an appropriate title for the post considering my wanton advertisement at the top of this blog.  Yes, that's right, I am offering up my services (well, where knitting and crocheting is concerned).  Thus far, dear Kevin (if you want to see him modeling butterball's fugly hat, click here), has been the biggest supporter (enabler) of my efforts to do commission projects.  He hired my needles for three sets of fingerless gloves.  Three cheers for this good man!

Wait, where was I?  Oh yes!  Pan-handling.   Well, speaking of begging, my boyfriend was practically on his knees entreating me to make something that would keep his delicate fingers safe while he was slaving away in the kitchen.  Yes, I like that version far better than the boring truth:  namely, that he casually mentioned that it might be nice to have something that would go around the handle of the skillet, and I immediately became a blur as I rushed for my cotton yarn and crochet hooks.

might fit more than just the boyfriend's skillet handle...
Though I made this months ago, the reason it came up this evening was because it was taco night.  As I stitched away (I'm working on a new hat pattern), Daniel was in the kitchen making us dinner (he does it right too... tortillas heated up in the oven, covered in a damp dishcloth so they don't get dried out 'n everything!). We kind of have this unspoken thing, where one person makes dinner, and the other person does the dishes.  So, after our meal I got up to do my duty... and what do I find?  My dear boyfriend has once again been using the handle cozy I made for the skillet.  He has no idea how happy this makes me; the idea that someone actually uses something I made because they genuinely like it, not just because they love me.  I squealed with delight after finding it saying "Awww, you used the thingie I made!"  I like how he just looked over at me with this 'duh' look on his face and responded, "yeah.  I don't like burning my hands."  Who said romance is dead?


Alan said...

Saucy caption! Would be doubly so if used in conjunction with a sauce pan.

Dania said...

Dear Alan, your pun makes me happy. In the pants. Thank you, that is all. -the management.