Lana's Waves

A few years ago I visited my Aunt’s for a party on the 4th of July.  It’s a stunning place perched on a cliff overlooking Redondo Beach in Southern California.  Along with the awe inspiring location; my Aunt Lana’s home is outfitted with items that are more aptly described as “pieces” rather than furniture.  Instead of the haphazard chaos I’m used to, everything in her home was very purposefully and intentionally selected.

That evening as we watched the fireworks from the deck, the ocean breeze was actually kind of chilly.  Here was a perfect opportunity to create something unique for my Aunt.  Something with a purpose, but lovingly crafted and uniquely made for her home.  The idea on how to do the color transition was inspired by the “Amber Waves of Grain Afghan” I saw in a Herrschner’s catalogue.

The scallop pattern which reminds me of waves is complemented by the ocean like blues and cresting white.  While it's not terribly original, I still find it beautiful and hope you do too.  Click here for a link to the pdf: Lana's Waves* (thank you google docs).  As always, if you find an error in the pattern, please don't hesitate to email me at  If you're interested in reading my blog post about this pattern, click here.

*All rights to the pattern and design "Lana’s Waves" are protected by copyright.  Dania Erickson 2012.  Please do not repost this pattern without explicit written permission from the author (contact me at  Instead, please direct them to my blog post. This pattern is not intended to be sold.  Items created from this pattern may be used for personal use or as a gift, but should not be sold commercially.  I know it’s silly, but I’m tired of mooching off of my parents and boyfriend.  I’d like to actually start to pay for my existence, or at least part of it, hopefully by selling the finished product of the pattern I’ve written here; and maybe at some point a seller’s pattern.  Pretty please, with sugar on top, respect my wishes.


Neicee said...

Wow this is gorgous! I love it Thanks. How did your Aunt like it?

Dania Erickson said...

She liked it, but not as much as her kitty did! Is it just me or does it seem like most cats would prefer to do that kneading motion on a knitted/crocheted thing way more than they would on any other kind of blanket?

Neicee said...

LOL..yrs my cats flock to anything..knit or crocheted

Jade said...


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