Stalwart Staghorn

Here it is, my first attempt at a written pattern:  Stalwart Staghorn*.  Pretty please with sugar on top (or splenda, equal, sweet 'n low... your choice), if you would like to use this pattern please do so with respect.  I'm posting it here for free, and would like for it to remain that way.  Anyone attempting to sell this pattern will be hung up by their toenails (or the legal equivalent).  Also, please do not post a copy of this pattern or reproduction of this pattern on your site; instead, I respectfully request that you link them to this page.

For a link to my blog post about this pattern, click here.

*All rights to the pattern and design "Stalwart Staghorn" are protected by copyright.  Dania Erickson 2011.
** Updated on 11/17/2011