Friday, July 6, 2012

Welcome to California

I’ve been mulling over this blog post for weeks.  What to say, how to say it, of course how much is enough how much is too much?  Oh well, let’s just get into it.

I’m back in California!  This is comfortable in some ways; certainly familiar.  It’s about 69 degrees out this morning (around 11am); while in Illinois it’s supposedly 96 plus humidity.  Personally, I will not miss the wet heat.  Swimming to your car and weather that mimics a steam room?  Thanks, I’ll pass.

Squirrel friend in Mount Prospect does not like the heat either.
Living with Daniel was amazing and we had a really good run.  There are oodles of things I’m going to miss, but ya know, life goes on.

I do highly recommend the soul searching you can do while driving alone from the Chicago area to Southern California.  It’s sort of like the meditation you can do while knitting.  Your hands and eyes are busy, but your mind can wander to things you need to deal with.  It’s also nice to know that you have loved ones waiting for you.

After two full days of driving I ended up visiting Kevin, his mom and Sam in the Reno area.  Sort of fabulous the kind of healing you can do while getting sunburned and saddle-sore from trail rides.  Also, it was a wonderful chance to foist off some knitted items on them before continuing down to familiar territory.