Friday, December 5, 2014

Welcome Back!

Serious Blog Drought too... Make with the posts!
Today it's raining in Southern California.  I thought I'd take this auspicious occasion and commemorate it by doing something that happens just as rarely and *gasp* post a blog entry.  Me?   Neglect readers?  That's nigh unthinkable!...*cough* let's not point out the hypocrisy by citing the starting line of my last entry.

I hear ya Moe.
Curious as to why I've been absent?  Well, the TLDR (too long, didn't read) version is that I was being a good girl, studying my heart out; when I met a person who I was sure didn't exist - Mr. Perfect (for me).  One minute I was whining to my classmates that I was going to die cold and alone and dead (a la my mistakenly remembered Moe Sizzlac quote), and about three weeks later my future husband and I were discussing how to tell friends and family we were getting married without them thinking we had gone mad.  A year to the day after we met we tied the knot.  Unexpected ultra bonus:  NEW PEOPLE TO KNIT FOR!