Monday, September 5, 2011

Stalwart Staghorn Cable Fingerless Gloves by me!

The unapologetic feminine version 
I love cables.  Love.  I might consider leaving my boyfriend if it came to him or knitted cables, but fortunately neither one has given me the ultimatum.  Daniel thinks my addiction to knitting and passionate adoration to cables is a little odd, but in a cute way.  Poor man, I don't think he realizes the depth of my affection for these twisting winding stitches.

One of my favorites is the Staghorn cables, with its lovely branches spreading outward.  Since I'm forever knitting things for other people, it's a particularly nice choice since it doesn't shriek "girly".  By not being overly intricate or lacy, even burliest bros in your life aren't threatened by this cable.  Personally, I think that this cable is a wonderful balance between the simplicity men typically desire and something that won't bore you to death while knitting.  Of course, that being said, it's not like the staghorn cable is exclusively in the boy's club.

Putting the stag back in staghorn
So now, may I introduce (drum roll please) my first attempt at writing a pattern (TA-DA!).  After careful perusal, and then a more leisurely glance; I'm pretty sure I've worked out the kinks.  Then again, it is my first attempt, so it probably looks as if I've had ti many martoonis before writing it.  If you happen to find some, or perhaps it makes about as much sense as a mad hatter, send me an email at  Otherwise, without further ado, here's a link to the pdf for "Stalwart Staghorn*.  (and three cheers to Google docs!)
*All rights to the pattern and design "Stalwart Staghorn" are protected by copyright. Dania Erickson 2011.  Updated on 11/17/2011


Katja said...

oh I love these - thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I, too, love to knit cables.

Kelly said...

I think I will have to choose this pattern for the mitts I want to knit because you used a phrase I've only heard my mother use: "ti many martoonis" in your description. Plus, I love the cable. Thanks for taking the time to "work out the kinks."

niken atmi said...

Thanks a bunch... I love it, I'll cast it on asap!!!!