Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vintage and Valkyries

I'd pillage for these!
This past weekend has been a little hectic.  I've been spending most of my time buried in skeins and skeins of yarn.  I finished off another of the Secretive Storms berets, and began to knit up a Valkyrie hat (thank you again, Chile Con Yarne for this awesome pattern) for Lacey, my brother's girlfriend.  I'm hoping to eventually get a picture of them together, him while wearing his balaclava and her wearing this little number I finished late last night.  Her birthday is today, and I should really hustle over and mail this baby.  

Two horns and one Thumbs up!
If you're wondering what I've got in the picture, it's some amazing mini-magazines called "The Workbasket".  Totally unexpected, my mother's childhood friend, Debbie sent these to me.  Ranging in dates from September 1962, up to March of 1989, these are gems.  Not only do they have vintage sewing, knitting and crochet patterns; they also have the most enticing ads in them! First off, the Sept. '62 edition?  It cost 15 cents.  On page 62 there's an ad from "Speedwriting" that promises to teach you shorthand in 6 weeks with "no strange symbols; no machines; uses ABC's".  Also there's an ad for an "Electric Bug Killer for $2.95".  And can I still get the "Compresso Belt"?  The "amazing invention flattens abdomen up to 4 inches"... it's only $3.98 for the regular or $4.98 for the panty... AND ONLY 50 CENTS FOR EACH EXTRA CROTCH!  I cannot tell you how sorry I am that I don't have a scanner so you guys can see these amazing drawings!  Seriously, it looks like some brutally militant undies from a 1950's space alien flick.

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