Friday, September 23, 2011

A girl and her knits... I mean fed

Lexi recipient of most of the things I knit, and constant giver of warm fuzzies, has done it yet again.  One of her constant haunts of the internet is "A girl and her Fed" webcomic.  Personally, I imagines she wants a burly man’s man (who could sell Old Spice without trying), to be a Fed of her very own.  And honestly, who wouldn’t love a gun totin’ marsupial ironically named Speedy?  

A girl and her fed is a comic all about your civil rights. And, you know, an undead pixie army. But mostly civil rights. No really! I couldn't possibly sum up the entire plot of this comic, it's that awesomely complicated. But what I can tell you is that it's well written, well drawn, and funny enough that I often find myself with various liquids coming out of my nose because I'm laughing so hard.

Oh, right.  I suppose you’re asking yourself why there should be a post about a webcomic in a blog largely based around knitting?  This is where Lexi comes in.  She’s the head cheerleader when it comes to my knitting, and decided to write to the author of AGAHF, in an effort to bring together two of her favorite things (whether this is like the combination of peanut butter and chocolate or chainsaws and personal grooming has yet to be seen).

Yesterday morning I noticed the traffic to the blog trended away from those in search of free knitting patterns.  Instead leaning to those who would understand the other side of my personality!  Those who would look at and appreciate a Valkyrie or Viking hat, a tissuebox cover that looks like a NES controller, maybe even the R2D2 beanie, or perhaps even the Horde hat.  Anyway, to those of you visiting from AGAHF, thank you, you rule, may the ghosts of historical figures keep you company!  And dear author/Otter, you madame, rule.

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