Thursday, January 12, 2012

Frondly Yours

People that know me shouldn't be surprised the pun.  Yes, it's groan worthy, and I'm almost sorry.  Still, the look of pained resignation and anguish from my boyfriend when I suggested the name really decided it for me.

I confess that this time I'm really having mixed feelings about publishing this.  I've been tinkering with it since October, when I realized how completely impractical "Secretive Storms" was for Southern California.  I've knitted it up four times already, making subtle adjustments.  For some reason I'm having a huge case of the blogger's version of stage fright; so I'm hoping you'll be as understanding as parents at a toddler's ballet recital.

Click here for a link to a pdf of the pattern: Frondly Yours*.  I hope you enjoy making and wearing this hat that can be somewhere between a beanie and a beret.  As with my other patterns that I offer for free, please do not directly repost the pattern.  I ask instead that you link people to this blog post; watching the number of page views increase is one of the biggest warm fuzzies I have.  And if you like the pattern, cough cough... it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all if you clicked on a link; unfortunately, it's one of my only sources of income these days.  Also, if you find any issues with the pattern, please email me at and I'll fix it.  

If you're wondering about the lovely model in the pictures, it's my dear friend Lexi.  She was kind enough not only to let me use her as my mannequin, but also let me use her faboo camera.  Did I mention she was sweet enough not to compare the pictures she would have taken (she has the most amazing eye), with the ones I did get.

*All rights to the design and pattern "Frondly Yours" are protected by copyright.  Dania Erickson 2012.  Updated at 11:45 am pst on 1/19/12.


debbieamy said...

I love the look of this hat. We live and work at a campground, so I love anything that has leaves in the pattern. This is the prettiest leaf hat I think I have seen so far. I am looking forward to making it. Then I will have to decide if I keep it or give it away. Maybe I'll have to make more than one.

Dania Erickson said...

God I'm relieved! When the comment popped up in my inbox with only the first sentence, I was waiting for the "but...". I'm so glad you like it! I know I love the look of leaves as well, and I'm so grateful for the compliment. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Heather S said...

This hat is gorgeous!! I agree, prettiest leaf pattern I've seen. Also one of the loveliest greens. Do you remember what it is? I've been on the lookout for a perfect green for some time now. :) Thank you for making patterns free! I'm on 100% student loans, which never go quite far enough, so 'free' is always a deciding factor for me of whether or not I can make a project. Thanks again!

Dania Erickson said...

I hear you on the free part; considering how much I love and use free patters I don't know if I could ever charge for one. Heh, can't afford to spend much on yarns either, which is why I used Joann's brand, Sensations. It's their worsted weight acrylic one, called Sincerely, also the color is aptly named Emerald. I do like that the Sincerely is pretty soft for being 100% acrylic, and that doesn't have the sheen like Caron ... oh, also that it's available in colors other than pastels.

Dania Erickson said...

So, hopefully all the errors have been found and corrected. A lovely woman on Ravelry (Tempest468) was kind enough to alert me about my mistakes. The pattern has been corrected with the following changes (as of 1/19/12)

Row 25: k6, p1, k10, p2, k10, p1
Row 27: k5, p1, k10, p2, k10, p1
Row 29: k3, p1, k10, p2, k10, p1
Row 33: p1, k10, p2, k10, p1
Row 38: p1, ssk and pass, sl 1-k2tog-psso, p2, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, sl 1-k2tog-psso, k2, p1

Caitlin said...

LOVE this hat. I'm trying to knit a variety of hats in a variety of colors and weights to mix things up this winter, since I just have two gray hats now and cold ears mean headaches. This just looks perfect in green, so that's what I'll use. I look forward to making and finishing this one soon(ish)! Thanks for the gorgeous pattern!

Nicole said...

Thank you for this pattern! Can't wait to make it for my friend :)

Raffia To Ribbons said...

What a beautiful hat. I have tried repeatedly to download the pdf file but get taken directly to the Google Drive home page. Has anyone else had this problem?

melodicminor1 said...

Yes! Gorgeous! I love leaf patterns, though I don't suit hats, but I am going to make this just because I like it - and I will wear it.... will post a picture on Ravelry when it's done. Cheers.