Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Erickson the Red

Doesn’t he instill fear in your very soul? I know... growing up as a kid, my brother used to make me scared all the time. Though after we both became teenagers, my brother actually became one of my closest friends. So, when I saw this pattern for a baklava with a beard, and specifically the modified version made by Davitron and TricotChico (which combined the bakalva with Chile con Yarne's viking hat pattern), I knew I would have to make at least one.

It took me forever to find the perfect heather yarn for the beard. It’s this amazing red with a bit of blond and brown fibers as well. In short, it’s ideal for my brother (hey, we’re part Swedish) and he’s kind of a dirty blond (especially since he’s a greasy gamer guy at times).

Aside from those wonderful horns, there is an i-cord brim where the helmet meets the beard. Oh, and Velcro attaches the various mustaches so that he can change them as his mood varies. 1900’s ‘stach? No problem! Need that handlebar ‘stach, brother (said in gruffy prison voice)? It’s right there.

I completed this little gem for my brother while we were on vacation in Estes Park Colorado. As we were driving around I put the finishing touches on it. I got one of the best compliments of my life as Ray wore it around as we were touring a lake: A random tourist stopped my brother to take a picture of him wearing it. DEAR GOD... DOES IT GET ANY BETTER? Seriously, an unintended compliment like that is balm to this knitter’s soul!

Oh, and interestingly enough, we were staying at Valhalla Resort when I finished it.


kelseyaltenhoff@yahoo.com said...

So I tried to follow the link for the modified version, but it led to a search engine... I really want to make this for my boyfriend; is there any chance you have the pattern available to send to me? I'd really appreciate it if you could.

Dania said...

Hey Kelsey! Thanks for the tip that the link to TricotChico's blog was no longer active. I've fixed that (as of Aug. 6th, 2011)and posted a link to the pattern he combined with the bearded toque pattern. Hope your boyfriend enjoys your creation!