Saturday, October 30, 2010

Butterball's Disgusting Oozling colored hat

Another Wow story for you all. Over the summer my idle hands got the itch to knit again. Frustrated with all of my wips (works in progress), I asked my WoW playing friends for suggestions on projects to do.

I’m partial to making hats, so when my guildmate (we're both in Anxiety on Perenolde), Butterballs , mentioned that he wouldn’t hate it if I sent him something, I jumped at the chance. After quizzing him thoroughly, I found out he liked what I consider to be one of the fugliest (not a typo) colors ever. Fortunately for him, I found a yarn that’s somewhat similar to what he was describing. I eventually swallowed down the bile that had come up after seeing it, and knit him a hat.

Ear flaps, tassels, and a pompom later; this atrocious creation came into existence. Not so sadly, this is my only picture of said abomination. A warm welcome to Kevin (aka Steelrain), for bravely wearing and being the model of this monstrosity.
Disgusting Oozling - similar color, no?

I ended up sending it and (despite the hat) Butterballs still talks to me on WoW. Is this where I mention that it takes all kinds to make up this world?


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I never did manage to get a disgusting oozeling. Nice hat, amusing color.