Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WoW and Dropped Stitches

World of Warcraft and knitting can go together in so many different and strange ways.

Last night I logged in and jumped on my Warlock so that I could do the special Halloween event that’s taking place right now. While there are a few million people that play WoW, you typically only interact with the few hundred that are on your particular “realm”. Though, for the special event (fighting the Headless Horseman), you will meet up to four other players who might be from other realms. Last night, I noticed our group’s healer was from a guild called “Dropped Stitches”.
The Headless Horseman

After the fight, I asked the healer, Nyanaeve, if they were a knitter. She quickly responded that she was. Immediately we both asked each other “Are you on Ravelry?” A fast giggle later, we exchanged user names. Apparently the Dreanor realm has an Alliance guild of Ravelry Knitters. I love the name! Not only a knitting reference, “Dropped Stitches” refers to beating an abomination in the game called “Stitches” (the ugly brute on the left).

What a wonderful small world (of warcraft)!

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Leanne said...

There's also a Ravelry guild on the Horde side of Draenor, called Twisted Stitches. You should create an alt on Draenor and come join us!

Sionnan (Twisted Stitches)
Handspun/Taarah (Dropped Stitches)