Monday, October 25, 2010

To Die Four

Sorry about the pun, but this dice bag is to die for. Since my brother plays Dungeons and Dragons, it seemed natural to make this dice bag for him. He desperately wanted it to be stiff enough to acutally roll whenever he needed a four sided die. Alas, Ray, me thinks that this little baby has a few too many human errors and modifications to be a fair roll.

Anyway, it took a bit of math, some embroidery thread (I probably could have gotten away with yarn though), a zipper, and a little over an afternoon, but I succeeded in making him a little happier in his weekly adventures.

Again, I found this amazing pattern from on Ravelry from a person who posted it for free. If you're interested in making it or checking out the original, it's here via livejournal (thank you klayre53!).

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