Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Right turn in one quarter of a mile

Once upon a time, I crocheted a cozy for my Dad's portable radio.  He's unimpressed with Ipods and mp3 players in general; though he did admire the ipod armbands that people had at the gym.  I ended up making him one of his own and it's currently MIA or else I'd post some pictures.

However, this is just the precursor to another request from my father.  After some ham radio related excursion with my mother, he found that the cover to the Magellan GPS had disappeared.  I imagine that it was tired of the overly soothing voice always telling it where to go, and so the cover decided to escape in order to pursue fortune through whatever fate threw its way.  Of course, I may be wrong and it merely fell out somewhere.

Getting back to the request made by my father, he wanted a replacement cover to keep the screen nice and pretty.  Why is the Magellan cozy a shocking red that not even a lady of the night would consider for lipstick?  Easy, it will be far harder to -NOT- know where this thing is than it would be to lose it.  Making it was deliciously simple and didn't take much time.  I just started with a crochet chain that was just as wide as the GPS.  Then I went around and worked the backloops until I got to the start of the chain, then turned and did it again.  Since it wasn't wide at all, I think I may have done that widening round once more before I began working it evenly in single stitches.  Row after row of spirals and far too quickly it was done.  After the finishing touches of a slip stitch and weaving in ends, and I handed it off.  My father is not easily impressed, except of course with my crochet and knitting.

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