Friday, August 19, 2011

Pineapple Swirl

Right now (and whenever I'm between projects), I sorely miss having Lexi within reach.  While I really dislike knitting things for myself, there seems to be no larger warm fuzzy than crafting for others.  Ok, and Lexi especially, she looks good in everything.  A year or more ago, I grilled her for ideas on something that I could make for her that she'd actually wear and like.  She probably first suggested a sweater, which I would quickly nix since I've never completed one before and my courage for new things tends to run thin.  Eventually she mentioned that she loves skirts that swirl.  Full luscious skirts.  Poor thing, after I had considered the idea and began to run with it, I practically chained her to the computer and made her pour over Ravelry's wealth of patterns looking for a good fit between her desires, my skills, and the craptacular yarn stash on hand.  Thus we settled on the lacy look of the Den-m-nit Pineapple Skirt or Poncho by Flora Yang (incidentally to use this link and get the pattern, you need to be a registered member of - registration is free; however I don't recall having to go through this silliness to get the pattern).

Again, Lexi chose the color.  She wanted a GREEN kinda green. You know, the kind that makes you look like you stumbled into an Irish pub on St. Patrick's day and sadly I had it ready and waiting in my stash.  Even though crochet is certainly not my strong suit, and I'm still not completely comfortable with reading crochet patterns, it wasn't too bad for a beginner like myself.  We measured her up, and I started hooking for her (wait... that doesn't sound right).  When I had finished, the skirt was so heavy there was simply no hope of a mere drawstring cord holding it up.  Fortunately, we had supplies on hand:  an exceptionally wide length of elastic, and some 2" wide folded satin blanket binding (in the right color no less!).  Lexi wears it over a few of her skirts, and the good news is that it requires no special care when washing.   Oh, and bless her heart she told me that every time she wears it, someone compliments her on it.  Even if it's not the truth, she's sweet to tell me such an uplifting lie.

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Lindsey said...

Hi there! This pattern doesn't show up on Elann any longer :( Is there any way you could share?