Friday, August 5, 2011

Groovy Chucks Kid!

Big boy converse...
I love converse sneakers.  In fact, I'm not even sure how many pairs of low top chucks I've gone through since I acquired my first pair.  Easy, comfortable, and appropriate for occasions ranging from taking out the trash to black tie affairs; what is not to love about this classic of footwear?

Not one to shy away from the opportunity to inflict knitted creations on others; I realized that the new baby would be in dire need of hip and stylin' kicks.  In fact, here's another one of the pictures from the proud poppa-to-be's blog at where he's rocking the same flavor of shoes.

Rock them shoes too Mr. Laundrie!
As always, Ravelry comes to my rescue.  I used the pattern here that had been modified by xalleykatx on livejournal.  After knitting up the booties and laces, I did go all in and got some white felt, sharpie'd a star and stitched them to the outside with matching embroidery floss. 
Not-so-big boy's chucks

One of the things I liked most about this project was the reaction of the adults that saw them.  While I was blocking them with little paper towels inside, my boyfriend came home to find them on the counter.  Even though I was in the bedroom, I still heard his 'that's so cute' voice/squeal saying, "OOOO!  WEE LITTLE BOOOOTIES!".  I'm not sure if I smiled wider at that or the postal clerk who thought they were darling and couldn't resist commenting as I mailed them off.  There is something about a stranger commenting on something I've made that makes me feel like I did as a kid when my artwork secured a coveted spot on the refrigerator gallery.

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