Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I doff my hat to you lady!

Dear, sweet, benevolent Sukigirl (visit her blog here), I have no idea who you are but I want to let you know that I am currently harboring a budding school girl crush on you. 
I can honestly say that I've been looking for a FREE Hobbes knit or crochet pattern for years. Not only is it that I'm too damned cheap and poor to purchase the $5.00 pattern that someone posted of Hobbes a few years ago; It's also knowing that it is utterly and totally going against the entire spirit of Calvin and Hobbes.
My introduction to Calvin and Hobbes
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Finding someone who is popular and still unwilling to compromise their principles? Bill Waterson (click here for more about him courtesy of wiki), creator of the hilarious and brilliant comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes", was more concerned putting his messages out there than with fame or fortune. In that spirit, he never allowed the creations of Calvin and Hobbes to become the subject of billions in merchandising opportunities. See why I'm so opposed to the idea of "buying" a pattern of Hobbes? While I am completely for fan based creations and homages to this life changing strip, turning a buck off of it?

Ok, getting down from my own soap box now. For those of us that appreciate Bill Waterson and want to share it with loved ones, Sukigirl has posted a FREE crochet amigurumi pattern of Hobbes. I love that she cites the same reasoning as to why it is available to the public. Thank you two (Bill Waterson and Sukigirl) for contributing to the world because you wanted to put something positive out there.

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