Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Over a month ago I left Blizzard, which was not the easiest decision to make. I loved my co-workers, the banter, and occasionally being able to assist people in having fun. However, there were enough reasons that I decided it would be prudent to begin looking for employment elsewhere; even in a completely different field.

After applying my signature to documents (that sadly I did not receive copies of) at Idexx (a laboratory company that runs all the tests on your pets), I put in my two week’s notice at Blizzard I received emails from disappointed coworkers who were flattering enough to say they were going to miss me. In fact a few were personalized and photoshopped… but here’s one that made it to my Blizzard email address:

My last morning at Blizzard had me walking out with a lump in my throat. I hadn’t even been there for four months, but surrounded by cynical geeks... it was like being home! Driving away I actually started to cry, feeling like I was leaving everything behind.

In the car driving home, I got a phone call from the friend that had gotten me the job at Idexx. Despite signing a contract, the manager had changed his mind and decided that the only position available was one with lower pay and responsibility. Unbelievable… finding out after just having worked my last shift at Blizzard.

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