Friday, August 29, 2008

Snoozing for them!

The personification of warm fuzzies is perhaps this little kitty bed.

It was made with some desperately unsubtle "tickle me" novelty yarn that my mother purchased a few years ago with the intent of making a scarf for my brother. Before you ask, no my brother is not gay; he's was just the unfortunate victim in a bad yarn choice. Though in my mother's defense, Ray does not like scratchy things (and who does, really?), and so wool wasn't quite an option. Bless my mother's heart.

At this time society tends to not judge pet fashion trends so harshly... though perhaps a few more years with Paris Hilton's animate fashion accessory, Tinkerbell, and this may change. Anyway, armed with some of my trusty Red Heart yarn (which Kevin had gotten for me in a grab bag auction on Ebay), and about five skeins of the soft but silly tickle me yarn, I crafted the pattern for the "Princess Snowball Cat Bed" found in Debbie Stoller's Stitch n' Bitch.

As you can see, Ryan's cats, Shadow and Aeris love the thing. In fact they were lying on the knit pieces, effectively keeping me from sewing them together to create the finished product. Again, it was rather kind of them.

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