Friday, August 8, 2008

Bumble Cat Toy

Cats don't like sweaters. Understandable, especially considering how warm things get here in August, not to mention most felines wear fur coats year round. So, when knitting an item for a cat, toys seem to be a better decision. That being said, I never knit anything expecting the recipient to love it. The best I hope for is an, "oh, isn't that nice! You made it? Gee, thanks (insert muttering about having to wear it since it was hand-made)". Still, that's with loved ones. People who desperately don't want to hurt your feelings and will smile and nod at the hideous scarf you made and pretend that they will someday find a use for it. Who knows? It could be very useful if you ever run out of toilet paper.
Anyway, cats, unbound by our social code, could not care less if they hurt your delicate feelings. All of that hard work put into something like a cat sweater, and they will not hesitate to let you know how loathsome a creature you are to make them wear such a monstrosity. Did you spend hours making a cat toy? They could care less. Honestly. Much more efficient to roll up a sheet of paper into a ball, less cost and takes approximately three seconds while providing hours of fun.

All of this being said, there is something amazing about a cat trying desperately to chew the head off a knitted bee that you made. This ferocious display can only be given by a cat that sincerely appreciates having and outlet for their pent up killer instincts. I made a bee a few months ago for Laverne and Shirley, which they enjoyed, briefly. Recently I took some scraps and crafted another one for my boyfriend Ryan's two cats, Shadow and Aris. Aris, at five months old, has taken to tugging, chewing, pulling, clawing, nom-ing, and bunny-kicking this plaything. Truly, the most sincere and honest compliment comes from a cat.

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