Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can we get there from here?

I have a problem.  I've been commissioned to do a baby project for a brand new person that's scheduled to join humanity sometimes this summer... in southern California.  Knitting doesn't quite lend itself to crafting summer things as well as it does to warm winter snugglies.  Added to that is my personal inexperience with infants.  Booties are adorable, but really impractical, causing most mommies to forgo those little accessories.  Oh, and the parents are choosing to wait until the birth to find out the gender.

So, let me ask the question to any readers willing to comment; any suggestions for cool (denotative cool... not cool as in "cool beans") knit/crochet baby items? 


Celeste S. said...

I have no idea whether or not this will end up being helpful, but I've just experience what seems to be everybody I know and all their sisters having children at the same time. One thing I've learned is that infant NEED to be swaddled, for their own sakes as well as their parents. That being said a pretty, very light-weight, twist on the traditional baby blanket might be an idea. Big enough to be useful, but light enough not to overheat kind of thing. You'd probably have to use the yarn itself to make it lightweight, since as pretty as lace is little fingers and toes will gravitate towards the holes like my cats to a can opener.

Dania Erickson said...

That's a great tip! You know, I'd never heard of swaddling up until relatively recently (the good news is that I haven't NEEDED to know either). I do like the idea of a baby being comforted by being comfortably wrapped. Oh and good point about he fingers and toes that were just meant to find little lace holes. Thank you so much for the input on something I probably (almost surely) would have overlooked, something to cocoon.