Thursday, February 16, 2012

Earning a living

I've started and deleted this post at least five times.  I'd like to talk about what I'm doing to try to gain some financial self sufficiency, but in reading what I've written it just seems to sound whiny or like I'm coming to the reader hat in hand.  With the intent of being matter of fact or maybe with a dose of humor, here goes:

Sooooooo, I've recently added some goodies to my blog here.  While it's all well and good to offer knitting services; it might not be the savviest move to offer them on a knitting blog.  Heh, most of the people visiting here can make it for themselves, right?  I'm still getting commissions from friends and family (... I have no idea what I'd do without you guys and the warm fuzzies you give); but the term "market saturation" seems to come up (also, I have the hardest time trying to quote prices... even at $3.00 per hour + material costs, I feel like I'm asking too much).  What to do...what to do...  Adapt or die?  Diversify?

Also I've started working on my Amazon Associate's store.  Basically if you purchase something through amazon that I've linked, in theory there is a teeny tiny percentage that they think of as commission.  Were considering getting a book anyway?  If nothing else, if you like some of the books I've put up; you may enjoy some of my other recommendations.

Alright, I officially feel like a sell out.  Sorry folks.  On that note, let me enchant and horrify you with the following (particularly effective if you grew up in the 80's):

Oh, one last thing... if you go to Black Acre Brewing Co.'s site and say that you're NOT 21, you'll get directed to a full screen version of the above video.   

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