Monday, December 12, 2011

Well, that was quick!

So, my face is nearly as red (or maroon) as this plum colored hat!  In my last post, I mentioned ever so briefly how my brother's friend Andrew and his wife were expecting a baby girl?  Well, things were certainly moving along quite a bit quicker than I had known.  Turns out expecting was the wrong word, it's more like she's here! In fact we nearly shared a birthday.  Joanna was born on November 8th, only three days before I turned thirty.

Despite having a baby that's younger than all of the condiments in our refrigerator; as well as an actively and well entertained toddler to look after, second time mom Becky Shattuck still found time to find me on facebook to send a thank you message.  If you're impressed about her juggling skills on that alone, you should check out her blog, where you'll find that Becky posts more days than not.

Just as I didn't know that Joanna had entered this world, I wasn't aware of the amazing blog that Becky has.  I find myself returning to it and getting a vicarious thrill of exploring the world for the first time through the observations of a toddler, and "100 ways to entertain" one.

So I'm really enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling that's coming from reading her post about the plum colored hat that went along with the first sweater I made.  I've purloined a few pictures of Joanna modeling the hat from Becky's blog (though since it's with permission, it's more like I just snagged 'em instead of stole them).  This hat was made using the wonderful pattern Baby Berry Hat by Michele Sabatier, available for free on her blog.

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