Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cat Hats

Lexi with some mottled violet cat ears
Practically the definition of simplicity, this hat is made with bulky yarn and is a rectangle folded in two. The corners act as ears. Since these little babies were so easy to whip up, I made several. More than several. The beauty of this project is that I'm able to just grab it and go, perfect for knitting while carrying on conversations without fear of screwing up on the pattern.
When it is seen folded flat on a table, it's about as exciting as watching cement set. However, when placed on someone's head... Viola! Instant kitty ears! Hilarity ensues as humans suddenly feel the need to display their best cat immitations.

This includes the best impressions of a "doe-eyed" feed me look.  I don't know about anyone else, but most of the time, when a cat makes eye contact with me, it's with this wide eyed appeal for me to do... something.
Easier than a drunk cheerleader at the prom

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